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Printed Paper Bags

Our company is a worldwide pioneer for printed paper bags production. Our secret lies in our passion for eco friendly, reusable and durable paper bags. We have mastered several techniques which enable our bags to stay resistant and soft at the same time. These luxurious bags are hand finished in our workshops in the United Kingdom. The team of manufacturers makes sure that our printed paper bags have a perfect finish that makes our clients more than satisfied. When replying back to us, the clients keep on reporting excuisite results! They have recognised the quality of our design which is made to provide the relaxed, luxury feel. In the agreement with our teams, customers are free to choose among various print finish options which include embossing and debossing.  These option projects create beautiful, textured finish by giving the 3-dimensional feel to the printed paper bags. These techniques give great results on bulkier cover weight papers as well as on all types of paper in general. Clients choose these finish options as a way of embellishment that does not cease to attract buyers' attention. Apart from embossing and debossing, we also have the hot foil blocking in the offer. Hot foil blocking enhances the appearance of the printed paper bags whether you decide to choose glossy or matt finish. By using one of these finishing methods the paper bags are sure to get an eye-catching appearance. Apart from paying special attention to our customers' wishes and needs, we have also included a wide choice or rope handles and colour opportunities to suit their requirements and assist in promoting their brand. Our printed paper bags are used by many businesses across all industries.